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Water - a Precious Resource

An interactive science exhibition delving into the Fresh Water Crisis looming large on our immediate future is on display in the National Science Centre, Delhi. The travelling Exhibition– Water: a Precious Resource– is on display in the Centre from 22nd March to 15th May 2011. Several activities, lectures etc. shall be organized at each site to create awareness. The exhibition attempts to raise consciousness about the world wide crisis of this precious resource that affects over 1.1 billion people around the globe. Today, scarcity of water is the most excruciating problem in the face of the earth after global warming.

The issue raised by this exhibition, developed by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), is one that we all know of but often tend to ignore. This exhibition makes us look at the problem squarely in the eye– A big squeeze on the world's freshwater resources looms as populations mushroom and incomes rise; moreover, we have been casual and careless about water resources.

The exhibition has 29 panels three interactive multimedia and an unmanned quiz. The exhibition lays special focus on the introduction about water, water as an natural resource, water budget, water crisis In the world, water borne diseases, cost in producing drinking water, water conflicts, our uncertain future and tips on conservation of water.

For more details about the programmes being organized during the stay of the exhibition, please call on the reception of the Centre.

Water - a Precious Resource Image Gallery