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Chandra Darshan (चन्द्र दर्शन) (October – December )

Humans are always curious to know mysteries of celestial objects. We all get fascinated to see night sky. Our closest celestial neighbor is Moon and from our childhood we are curious to see surface of moon, let’s explore and peep on moon through telescope. 

This programme is weather dependent, In case of cloudy/ Dusty weather observation may be cancelled. Please confirm at above numbers before coming for observation. Visitors are advised  to apply mosquitoes repellent before and during the Chandra Darshan programme.

October 2017 : 28th & 30th

November 2017: 01st, 26th & 30th 

December : 25th & 28th

Time: 7.00PM to 8.30PM

Registrations  for Chandra Darshan for free. Please register at the no. 23379462, 23371945 or 23371893. or by    email,

Chandra Darshan (चन्द्र दर्शन) (October – December ) Image Gallery