Rajasthan Govt Holidays 2019 List for Public & Government Sectors

Rajasthan Govt Holidays 2019 List : the government of Rajasthan has dispatch public holidays for September, October, November, December upcoming months for full year 2019. Holidays list in rajasthan school / college and government sectors departments  remains all Sundays and some pf general and options special days. Rajasthan Bank Holidays general every Sunday and second Saturdays of all the month.

Rajasthan State Govt Holidays List 2019 for Private, Government Sectors Schools / Colleges

Sr. No. Date Day Holiday Event Type
1. 13, January Sunday Parkash Gurpurab Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Regional Holiday
2. 26th January Saturday Republic Day Public Holiday
3. 4th March Monday Maha Shivratri Regional Holiday
4. 20th March Wednesday Holika Dahan Regional Holiday
5. 21st March Thursday Holi Regional Holiday
6. 1st April Monday Bank Holiday Not A Public Holiday
7. 6th April Saturday Cheti Chand Regional Holiday
8. 13th April Saturday Ram Navami Regional Holiday
9. 14th April Sunday Dr Ambedkar Jayanti Regional Holiday
10. 17th April Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti Regional Holiday
11. 19th April Friday Good Friday Regional Holiday
12. 7th May Tuesday Parashurama Jayanti Regional Holiday
13. 5th June Wednesday Eid Ul Fitr Regional Holiday
14. 6th June Thursday Maharana Pratap Jayanti Regional Holiday
15. 12th August Monday Eid Ul Juha Regional Holiday
16. 15th August Thursday Raksha Bandhan Regional Holiday
17. 15th August Thursday Independence Day Public Holiday
18. 24th August Saturday Janmashtami Regional Holiday
19. 8th September Sunday Ramdev Jayanti & Teja Dashmi Regional Holiday
20. 10th September Tuesday Ashura Regional Holiday
21. 29th September Sunday Maharaja Agrasen Jayanati Regional Holiday
22. 2nd October Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Public Holiday
23. 6th October Sunday Durga Ashtami Regional Holiday
24. 8th October Tuesday Vijaya Dashami Regional Holiday
25. 27th October Sunday Deepawali Regional Holiday
26. 28th October Monday Govardhan Puja Regional Holiday
27. 29th October Tuesday Bhai Bij Regional Holiday
28. 19th November Sunday Maulud Nabi Regional Holiday
29. 12th November Tuesday Guru Nanak’s Birthday Regional Holiday
30. 25th December Wednesday Christmas Day Regional Holiday

Bank Holidays in Rajasthan in 2019

Sr. No. Holiday Date Day
1. 2nd Saturday 12 January Saturday
2. Republic Date 26 January Saturday
3. 4th Saturday 26 January Saturday
4. 2nd Saturday 9 February Saturday
5. 4th Saturday 23 February Saturday
6. 2nd Saturday 9 March Saturday
7. Holi 21 March Thursday
8. 4th Saturday 23 March Saturday
9. 2nd Saturday 13 April Saturday
10. Mahavir Jayanti 17 April Wednesday
11. 4th Saturday 27 April Saturday
12. 2nd Saturday 11 May Saturday
13. 4th Saturday 25 May Saturday
14. Eid al Fitr 5 June Wednesday
15. 2nd Saturday 8 June Saturday
16. 4th Saturday 22 June Saturday
17. 2nd Saturday 13 July Saturday
18. 4th Saturday 27 July Saturday
19. 2nd Saturday 10 August Saturday
20. Eid-al-Zuha 12 August Monday
21. Independence Day 15 August Thursday
22. 4th Saturday 24 August Saturday
23. Janmashtami 24 August Saturday
24. 2nd Saturday 14 September Saturday
25. 4th Saturday 28 September Saturday
26. Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2 October Wednesday
27. Vijay Dashami 8 October Tuesday
28. 2nd Saturday 12 October Saturday
29. 4th Saturday 26 October Saturday
30. Diwali 27 October Sunday
31. Govardhan Puja 28 October Monday
32. 2nd Saturday 9 November Saturday
33. 4th Saturday 23 November Saturday
34. 2nd Saturday 14 December Saturday
35. Christmas 25 December Wednesday
36. 4th Saturday 28 December Saturday

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